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Hotel in Rivarotta Pasiano (Pn)

Who we are

San Martino Ripae Ruptae this is the name of the old monastery which was built here, by the Camaldolite monks at the beginning of the 11th century, on the confluence between the river Livenza and Meduna.
Many events went by, i.e. a rebuilding in 1500 after the damages suffered during the war between the Republic of Venice and the house of Hapsburgs, and San Martino was then secularized by Napoleon at the beginning of 1800 and acquiredby the Chiozza – Luppis family. Turned into a superb country house, it came an elegant estate and was used by the family ancestors as a place where to carry out the public relations for their industrial and diplomatic activities.

Today, the Villa still recalls past times’ splendor and atmosphere. With an accurate intervention aiming at maintaining as far as possible everything unaltered, we have turned it into a 39-bedroom 4 star hotel (6 suite) with period furnishing and we have provided it with every comfort, an excellent restaurant and a relaxing piano-bar.

To facilitate and enrich the stay of our guests, we have also arranged important additional services: “Guide to the territory, Shopping-card, Green fee, Ski Pass, Shuttle Bus to/from Venice“.
In Villa Luppis not only do our guest find surroundings of exceptional charm, but also and above all a kind of hospitality typical of first-class hotels with something more: our friendly, not just formal approach.

The First Look
Sweet-smelling colourful flowers represent our “welcome” to whoever arrives and passes under the old portico leading to the hotel hall