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Activities - Winetasting Rivarotta Pasiano (Pn) Hotel

Villa Luppis


Our Wine Cellar dates back to 1200 AD and is inside the original underground  Ice-Cellar House, where the Camaldolesi Monks, who lived here in Villa Luppis, maintained and kept fresh food and ice thanks to the snow, entering directly the ice house.

Our Sommeliers propose Wine Tasting in our “Ghiacciaia-Wine Cellar” and accompany our Guests to visit  the most important and famous Wineries (located in Venetian Villas too), in Prosecco of Valdobbiadene and Collio’s areas, and also one among the most important Grappa’s Producers of North Italy.

In our Staff we always have at least 2 English-speaking Sommeliers and we can organize for our Guests:

A Visit of our Wine Cellar with Wine Tasting in our Villa .
and / or
A Dinner with Wine Tasting in our Restaurant  (4 / 5 different Wines )
and / or
A course with one of our Sommelier, learning the organoleptic charateristics, the combination with different Courses and how have been  produced 4 / 5 different Wines (Prosecco of Valdobbiadene, Collio, Amarone, ecc.ecc.)

Our Sommeliers  can  accompany our Guests (both Individuals and Groups) to visit some famous  Wineries  nearby, located in beautiful Venetian Villas, in our Valdobbiadene and Collio areas :






The some property of  Winery Bottega has also a important and famous Grappa Producer nearby: so,  with  the  same  Excursion  your Guests  can  visit  the  factory, where the Grappa has been produced with traditional method, and taste 3 different Grappas.